It’s fitting that I dedicate the first article on The Wine Notebook to the bars and restaurants that have helped to shape how I think about and approach wine. For more than a decade, I have lived in one area of Los Angeles, which has been one of the most logistically confusing and beloved areas in all of Los Angeles.

Where do you live? Well, the answer depends on who is asking. Thai Town, East Hollywood, Los Feliz? All terms apply. Walking distance from Griffith Park and home to the best Thai food you’ll find outside of Thailand, this neighborhood has come to define my time in L.A.

But what does this have to do with wine? Well, everything. Here are the places to go if you want to buy wine for home, drink wine over a snack or meals.

Where to Drink Wine in Los Angeles: Los Feliz and East Hollywood

Bar Covell

Bar Covell is home to sleek and sexy wine nights. The wine list is exciting and unexpected—think wines from Mexico and uncommon varietals—and the service is consistent and knowledgeable.


A cute restaurant with a fine wine list, Lolo is a charming addition to East Hollywood.

Figaro Bistrot

When you’re craving a trip to Paris but need to stay in SoCal, Figaro Bistrot is where you go to pair a nice wine with escargot. Go for the happy hour if you want to save while you sip.

Tabula Rasa

tabula rasa los feliz los angeles natural wine bar
Wine at Tabula Rasa during the VINOTES Wine Tasting event in Los Angeles.

Tabula Rasa is a natural wine bar that, since the pandemic, also operates a bottle shop. You’ll see countless couples on Tinder dates sipping contact white wine from Vermont, and if you like a bottle, take one to go!

Where to Buy Wine in Los Angeles: Los Feliz and East Hollywood

Lou Wine Shop

Go to Lou Wine Shop when you want wines that you can’t finf anywhere else. Here you’ll fine wines from obscure regions like the Canary Islands and vino made using unconventional winemaking techniques.

Cap N Cork

There’s something for everyone at Cap N Cork, a booze shop with an impressive wine collection that’s well-organized and easy to navigate. Whether you’re stocking up on a favorite Riesling or looking to discover something new, you’ll find it here.

Friends and Family

Friends and Family is known for their baked goods and stellar breakfast and lunch menus, but the neighborhood fave also has a highly curated, small wine selection at great prices.



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